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Friday, April 27, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week - Day 3


I have to say, my kids are really enjoying taking gifts to their teachers each day. This could get addicting!

Day 3 of teacher appreciation was a day for flowers for us. I made vases by recycling jelly jars and a pop bottle (really, it looks like a beer bottle, but it was pop originally). : ) I saw the yarn around the jar idea on Pinterest, of course, and thought it would make a nice gift.

This one was for the teacher's aide. I chose purple and yellow because they're our school colors:

These are for the teacher's aide (3 tulips) and my daughter's teacher (6 tulips):

For my daughter's teacher:

These were for my son's teacher. Her favorite flowers are sunflowers:

Here they are all together. I put a small poem with each one. My son
wanted to give his teacher sunflower seeds, too. : ) 

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