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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cutest classroom ever!

Seriously, this classroom makes me want to go out and get my teacher's licensure! Too bad it would take me three years and that's just too long right now! Did I mention, I'm a teacher-wanna-be? I've always had it in my heart to teach, but working full time 'back in the day' made it hard for me to take the daytime classes it required. I finished my undergrad in Visual Communications by taking classes in the evenings. I took as many education classes as I could that were offered at night, but had to stop short by about 12 classes because of the time of day they were offered. My plan is to go back when my kids are a little older, but I may start next year with one or two classes a year. Anyway, enough about that!

Check out this adorable classroom. I'm so giddy to have found Melanie's website. I say her first name like we're best buds, but of course I've never met the lady, but she appears to be super talented and I love the ideas on her web site. Even though I'm not a teacher, these ideas can come in handy elsewhere I'm sure! The colors, the organization -- everything is just too cute!!

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