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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Smurf Birthday Party

Ever since my kids were born, I've loved designing birthday invitations and party accessories for them. I guess it's the graphic-designer-turned-mommy in me. I'm so glad to be a full time mommy now -- doing graphic design was the best kind of office job for me, but I'm much better at designing cute and fun things rather than financial brochures.

Anyway, I've gotten a little better at planning parties because of my experience with my own family events. I'm starting to plan my daughter's 6th birthday in August (hint: it's a girl's bug theme party) AND planning my parents' 50th wedding anniversary in August as well! I get so excited to plan the little details and thinking how it will all come together! I'll keep you posted on the parties later this summer.

With my Etsy shop, I'm planning to expand what I offer for parties and so when I know someone who wants accessories designed for their party, I am over the moon about the opportunity to help them!

Right now, I'd like to share with you designs I did for one of my friend's daughter's birthdays. Her theme was Smurfs and she turned 6. She told me what items she needed designed and I was more than happy to help out with it! Enjoy the pics!

She did a great job setting up everything! I made the pom poms for her and she put the flowers 
on the wall. 

She wanted tags to put on popsicle sticks to put in the buckets (turned out so cute). I designed the tags and chocolate candy bar wrappers. 

She asked me to make labels for her snacks and other foods. She made the sugar cookies that are in the basket. I have to tell you, they were the best sugar cookies! So soft and fluffy! I'm going to have to ask her to share the recipe with me!

Here are tags I made for the favor bags. Don't you just love the yellow and blue? It's so bright and cheery!!

I also designed water bottle labels:

And more labels for snacks. Don't these Smurfberries look delicious?  

Yummy pretzels dipped in chocolate with blue sugar!

She found Thin Mints in the party colors!

Grouchy Smurf was perfect for her idea of "I hate salsa" label. 

I loved working with her ideas! Hope you enjoyed the pictures!! 

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