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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Classroom Halloween Party

Just a reminder, I have been out of the picture lately with my blog and I'm going through a rewind of a few classroom parties I missed out on sharing with you. So in case you're wondering if I'm aware that it's a New Year already -- don't worry, I am totally aware and am looking forward to the next party, which is Valentine's Day at our school. But, before I can move forward, I need to go backward a bit to share a couple parties I've missed out on telling you about.

Halloween parties are so much fun to plan! I mentioned being a room parent for both of my kids' classes, but for my son's second grade class (um, last school year -- yes, I'm that late catching up!), I was a co-room parent with another mom. She also loves coming up with ideas and we have managed to come up with a couple good parties now that we have Halloween and Christmas finished. We make a great team!

The second grade party included a parade, so we were short on actual party time, but we managed to fit in a lot of things. I contacted all the volunteers and they signed up for various snacks:

I contributed to the snack by making sugar cookies:

I wasn't in the classroom to let them know the skulls were actually melted chocolate, so some of the kids were not sure if they could actually eat them.  : ( 

My son's teacher allowed us to come in and decorate. We hung some lights and also bats and things from the ceiling. 

The party included snacks, a "guess how many candy corn" jar, favorite/best/funniest/scariest costumes contest and a photo booth.

For the photo booth, I purchased a wall hanging from the Dollar Tree. I think it turned out pretty cute!

My husband had the day off and could help me. Since both parties were at the same time, I could only be at one party at once. So, another volunteer took the pictures at the photo booth while the other room mom and volunteers handled the rest. 

While his party was going on, I was at my daughter's party. 

Her party included snacks, a movie called "A Very Brave Witch" -- one of our absolute FAVORITES for Halloween, and a photo booth. While the kids watched the movie, they ate their snacks and I called one at a time for the photo booth. 

I made the photo booth out of a patio furniture box for my son's Valentine's party last year and just updated it with Halloween decorations. The kids had fun with it. 

Here was my treat contribution. Cupcakes with a chocolate bat. I used a mod for bat-shaped picks. They have an extension shaped like a long v to allow them to be inserted into the cupcake. 

I purchased the cupcake holder at the Dollar Tree. Love that place!! 

We had water for their drink since there were a lot of sweets! I made the labels to coordinate with the green, purple and black theme. 

Here are pics of a couple of gifts I handed out to the teachers and other staff:

This Halloween bark was easy to make. I just melted white chocolate and added candy corn, waited for it to harden and then broke it into pieces. I made fold-over candy labels and that was it! 

Okay, there's a catch-up party from 2012! Geez, where does the time go? 

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