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Friday, April 26, 2013

Class Pet

My daughter's teacher told us about the time they had a turtle for a class pet. They weren't allowed to keep him anymore and gave him away to one of the students.

Ever since then, I thought about how sad it is that they don't have a pet anymore. So I wanted to come up with something. I know they can't have a real live pet. I know her teacher likes and decorates her classroom with owls. So armed with those two pieces of information I came up with the ultimate (echo echo) class pet (echo echo)!! Ok, maybe not ultimate, but maybe clever?

Just add water and voila!

I decorated a mason jar:

I bought the owl at Hobby Lobby. It will grow to be 600 times it's size. My kids love these things! 

I also made one for my son's class. 
They didn't used to have a pet, but I thought they still might enjoy this anyway. 

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