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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Kids' lunches

Yes, I'm "that mom" who makes fun little shapes for my daughter's sandwiches. Actually, I think a lot more parents are doing this. I'd make them for my son, but he only eats soup. No sandwiches for him. Oh, and my daughter only eats jelly on hers. See? I had to get creative somehow! They don't give me much to work with - those little picky people! But, they're my people and I love them of course!!

Here's a sampling of how I get creative with her sandwiches. Sometimes, they're shaped like butterflies, but other times they're shaped like...


Don't just stop at the shape. Draw on the sandwich bags with a Sharpie for some added fun for you or the kids...or you. 

And, here's the butterfly. See, my daughter is normal afterall. I might not be, but I think she enjoys my drawings. 

Have fun with your kids's lunches! We only have a few more weeks before summer so I'm going to make the most of it! Happy Packing!

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