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Monday, June 25, 2012

Activities for kids who love books!

I love summer. I love not having to rush the kids off to school. I love having a week's vacation with my family. I love planning for summer activites. I also love reading to my kids  -- especially in the summer. Why? I guess it's because even though they could be playing with whatever, they still ask me to read them a book. A happy moment for this Mommy. We always sign up at our local library for their reading program. Even though they love to read, it somehow makes us a little more accountable.

I also like to think of other activities related to reading that we can do to make it even more engaging. That's where Alphabet Glue comes in. Alphabet Glue is an e-magazine with crafty ideas related to reading. All I have to do is look at an issue of Alphabet Glue and I have activities for lots of "what-can-we-do-now?" days.

Anne Riechmann is the author of the blog Bird and Little Bird. I stumbled upon this blog about a year ago and am so excited when unexpected gifts like that happen! I subscribed to it right away. She is also the creator of Alphabet Glue which you can find here. I just purchased volume seven and have been a fan since volume 1!

I can't wait to make the storytelling cootie catcher and the cardboard constellation scope. My kids are always asking about the constellations and this project will be so fun to tie into an evening we'll dedicate to learning about the stars!

Here's a picture from her site showcasing her colorful, reading-related activites:


Alphabet Glue volume 4 is where I got the idea for the bookworm pencil topper craft we did for reading night at our school. The bookworm is my design that I also used for my daughter's 5th birthday party last year that can be seen here. 


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