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Monday, June 4, 2012


The last day of school for my kiddos is tomorrow. It's bittersweet, as anyone who is a parent or teacher knows. It's wonderful that they're growing and advancing to the next grade, but they're growing more and more independent -- soon they won't want to cuddle anymore or let me read to them at night. Ok, enough of that! Summer is about to start!!! And that's pretty awesome!!

But first, I want to share some lolli-pawps I made for my neighbor's son's high school graduation (yes, it could be high school graduation I'm whining about - suddenly the end of Kinder and 1st grade don't sound too bad, huh?). Ok, anyway, my neighbor knows I'm kind of crafty, so she asked me to help her with a few things. One of them was making these:

Pretty cute, right? I also designed their graduation invitations and a sign-in poster for people to write words of encouragement and wisdom for the new grad. So fun!!!

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