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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Parents' 50th wedding anniversary - barn reds and burlap

Another project that kept me busy this summer was the preparation for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary! I grew up on a farm and that's where they still live. They have chickens now and I thought we could use that as our theme.

I had been looking forward to this celebration for a couple of years prior and got started on the decoration ideas last year.

Here are the pics. Be sure to check out the next post for some important information.

I wanted to make it all about them with pictures of them on the food table and on each mason jar I included a tag with their picture which served as the centerpiece on each table. We had battery-powerd tea lights in them. I found the small wooden easels at the $ Tree and thought they came in handy. 

I love striped straws. I used red and white striped straws as well as brown and white striped straws. 

The candy table - I made red and brown chocolate chickens. 

And red and brown number 50 chocolate suckers. 

I placed them on a styrofoam board that I wrapped with burlap ribbon.

I thought placing the chocolate chickens in small crates lined with raffia added a cute farmy touch! 

A sign-in book was included with an early picture of them next to it. 

We had to have some gold in there somewhere so that's what color we used for the cake plates and napkins. 

Here is the cake! This picture was sent to me from the place where we had the cake made. They took my design and really brought my vision to life! I added a small ceramic vintage chicken and rooster on top that I found on Etsy. I don't have a picture of that though. 

Maybe these pictures will give you an idea for throwing a barn/chicken/burlap theme! : )

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