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Friday, January 4, 2013

Room Mom Reading Series - Book 1

The real reason I started this blog was to share some of the ideas I have as a room parent. I am lucky enough to be a room parent for both of my kids' classes this year.

As a room mom, my responsibilities include planning the holiday parties. I contact the other volunteers for the class and coordinate the holiday parties. I also take charge of purchasing teacher gifts for various occasions, such as Christmas/Winter and Teacher Appreciation/Last Day of school.

Another activity I've always wanted to do is read to the class. I asked my daughter's first grade teacher if I can read to the class twice a month and she agreed.

I've taken it upon myself to call it the "Room Mom Reading Series." It makes me feel more accountable giving it a title. I also plan an activity and snack to go along with it.

The book I chose for my first reading series was Skippy Jon Jones. I choose books based on my own children's reactions to it. They seemed to really like this one -- especially when I throw in my pathetic, yet entertaining Spanish accent.

Here's a pic of the book I read:

For the activity, I handed out Skippy jon Jones coloring sheets. 

For the fun snack, I decorated a juice box with Skippy jon Jones' face (hee hee) and gave them some graham crackers shaped like doggie bones. The kids loved it! I'm also lucky that we don't have any allergies this year. There is one child, but his mother provides extra treats for him so he does not feel left out. 

For the face, I made a 2-inch circle with an image of Skippy jon and used a 2" circle punch to cut out and then used a triangle paper punch for the ears. 

If you haven't read Skippy jon Jones by Judy Schachner, I highly recommend it! 

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