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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Yellow and Gray Baby Shower Onesie design

I was so excited when a local cupcake shop asked me to come up with a baby shower design for their window display.

I thought of using a onesie as the main design and am so excited at how it came together. This was back in July. I was going to display my work at her shop as well, but when school started I decided I needed more time to be a volunteer and room mom at school. It was a lot of fun to do, though! I'd still like to have a party to do once in a while.

So, here is my design in a window!! Can you believe it? I was so excited!

cupcake tags:

more tags:

all the little pieces (water bottle lables, candy wrapper label, cupcake flags and tags, invitations and small cards for food labeling. I also made a banner:

Another view of the window (see banner at top):

a close up of the candy label:

I was so excited to do this project! I hope you like the designs, too! 

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