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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gift for Art Teacher - Room Mom Journal

My children are lucky to have an art teacher. I know a few schools around us do not have that luxury. I think art is so important for many reasons - self expression, creative thinking and I could go on, but I'm just posting today to show you a gift I made last year for our art teacher.

My son had been learning about Piet Mondrian in art. I had made a clipboard for his Kindergarten teacher and she really seemed to love it! She had other teachers asking her where she got it. So, this gave me the idea to make one for my son's art teacher as well, but I wanted it to have a design related to art.

So here's my clipboard with a Piet Mondrian-inspired design.

If you like this idea, you could, of course, use any artist as inspiration. I happened to use one they were learning at that moment.

Hope you like it!

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