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Monday, December 12, 2011

It's class party time again!! - Room Mom Journal

It's time (well, it's been time) to start planning our Christmas/Holiday party for my daughter's and son's classes. I'm really just a chairperson for my son's class, so the only planning is making sure people sign up for different things and not duplicate anything. I'm planning the teacher gifts for both classes so that's a lot of fun so far. My daughter's class party is almost entirely up to me! Yikes! It's a lot of pressure, but it's pressure I enjoy!

Her teacher suggested we divide the party into 5 stations. I'm up for that. I definitely know I want one of the stations to be an ornament-making one. I found this idea the other day from one of my favorite blogs - Skip to my Lou:

Pinned Image


What I plan to do is have the kids make the wreath. It's actually made using cut-out shapes from cereal boxes, so it incorporates recycling as well -- can't go wrong with that. We'll do it pretty much like it is done here, but I'm going to also take a picture of each child, take home, size the pics into 2-inch circles and punch out with my 2" circle punch. I'll have the children hang their picture from the middle of the wreath. I'm thinking of having them attach it with a pipe cleaner through hole punch in top of the picture and the wreath. I'm going to try one of my own to make sure it will work. I'll be sure to share it with you when it's done.

One station down, four to go!!

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