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Monday, December 12, 2011

Great 12 days of Christmas idea!

We have certain books we read all year long and then there are books we read only during certain seasons. For example, during fall, we read Halloween books and after Halloween, I put them away until the next year. We do the same for Christmas books as well. When we get them out, they really do feel like they're brand new again.

I found this idea on a major favorite blog I love to read One Charming Party. The idea is to wrap new and old books for the 12 days of Christmas (really as many days as you'd like) and have your child(ren) open one each day. I'm going to get our collection and start wrapping. I always have a lot of extra wrapping paper anyway and this takes care of that as well! I think my kids will really enjoy this!!

Great picture, isn't it? Maybe I'll take a picture of mine when I'm finished. It won't look this cute, but I can always try!

Pinned Image

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