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Friday, November 11, 2011

Room Mom Journal - Carnival

Last week was our school's carnival where all the proceeds go to the teachers' fund to help pay for extra supplies and such. The amount of work that goes on behind the scenes all in one day to make it happen is amazing! I would never have known if I wasn't able to volunteer. I'm so glad I could help this year!

There were baskets of donated items. Each room had a theme and most people donated which made the carnival a huge success. Everything from food items for a cake walk and concession stand, items for baskets, large items for other auction items was donated. The baskets and auction items were set on tables so people could buy raffle tickets and place their raffle in the appropriate box of the items they hoped to win. It was fun. My kids wanted to win a Crayola explosion basket! It was pretty cool! But, not this time.

Anyway, it was a blast. Here are pictures of the basket from my daughter's class - the theme was family fun night. Her teacher gave the items to me and put them together for her. I actually had enough to make two baskets. : )

How does your school make money for the teachers' fund?

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