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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Room Mom Journal - Thanksgiving celebration

Well, the much anticipated Thanksgiving craft at school is now over and so is Thanksgiving -- nothing like posting a couple days late. Anyway, I was so excited when another room mom had asked if I wanted to do a Thanksgiving craft with her for our Kindergarteners. I introduced her to Pinterest and as you can see in a previous post, we found many ideas. We adjusted them slightly to fit our time and skill for the kids.

Doing crafts and coming up with ideas is one of my favorite things and why I really wanted to be a room parent. Being able to be there and see my daughter working along side her classmates is something I'm very thankful for!

We ended up deciding on these ideas:

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

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And they ended up like this:

Paper cone cornicopias for popcorn (gluten and dairy free due to allergies in the classroom) instead of ice cream waffle cones with peanuts and candy corn, accompanied by 100% juice:

When the students were finished with the library, they came back to their classrooms to see their desks looking like this:

Here is the handprint project that we changed up a bit. Instead of paint, we had the students trace their hands (some needed help and some did not); then we had them color it however they like as long as they tried to make it like a turkey. : )

The other project was set up to do like our original idea. The other room mom painted all the clothespins for the class. The students traced their hands on cardstock, cut them out and glued the feathers, googly eye and gobble onto the turkey. They wrote their names on the back as well. They really liked this project! 

Hope you liked it! The students seemed to enjoy it and so did I. After it was over, the teachers asked if I would read a book to the class. Another one of my favorite things!! Thanks to our teacher for letting us invade her classroom for Thanksgiving!

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