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Friday, November 11, 2011

Room Mom Journal - Math Facts

I'm signed up to help my son's first grade class and my assignment is to help with math facts. Last week was my first week to do it. I just love the kids! We sit one to one and I hold up flash cards, they answer, I check it on a paper to show they know the correct answer and they go back to the class to let the next child know to come back. I tell each one they're a math wizard and they just light up!! We did all 0+ facts: i.e;  0+1, 0+2, all the way to 0+10. They all knew them without having to think too much.

Being at the school and working with the kids makes me feel so, for a lack of a better word here, useful. You know? I feel like I'm actually helping practice something that they'll use forever! I can't imagine what it has to feel like to be a teacher -- knowing the impact you have on all those little lives has to be incredible. It's the same feeling I have as a parent, but multiplied by 24! : )

No pics for this one....sorry : (

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