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Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veterans Day! 11th hour on November 11, 2011

Today is a special day to thank those who have served and are still serving our country! Without them, I wouldn't be enjoying the life we have today, I'm sure of it!

I had the honor of making poppies for our school's primary building Veterans Day program. Grades K-2 will sing to a group of 70+ veterans as a way of thanking them for their service to our country.

Why poppies you might ask? Well, maybe you're not asking, but I didn't know why and now I'm glad I do. People would wear poppies in honor of those who died in war.

Here's what I found when I googled it:


Poppies, which are a bright red flower, became a symbol of Veterans Day after the bloody WWI battle in Flanders Field, in Belgium. The soil in the battle fields became scattered with rubble, making the soil rich with lime (the mineral, not the fruit). Poppies thrived in the fertile soil. Many soldiers were buried in Flanders field, creating a contrast of white crosses and vibrant red poppies


In 1918, World War I ended on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. The entire world celebrated. An armistice (a truce) was signed declaring the "war to end all wars" was finally over. The next year, on November 11th, the US called the day "Armistice Dayin memory of all the men and women involved in WWI. On Armistice Day, surviving soldiers marched in parades through their home towns. Politicians and veteran officers gave speeches and had ceremonies in thanks for the peace that had been won.

Veterans Day ceremonies occur all over the world with veterans laying wreaths at war memorials and speaking to the public. At the 11th hour, everyone, including school children, take a moment of silence to remember those who died. 

The poppies will be handed out to each veteran as the children sing. It will be very moving. 

It is now the 11th hour and I am sitting in silence with chills up and down my arms. I am very moved by all the sacrifice the men and women who served our country have made. Today is extra special because it, too, is 11/11. 

Thank you Veterans!

Here are the poppies I made. I added a thank-you tag to them. I wanted each one who has one to know how truly thankful we are. I'm so proud of our school for acknowledging them the way they do and teaching our children about them. 

To make: cut 4 inch circles in tissue paper (3 layers each) and do the same with a one-inch black circle. Punch two holes in center, layer a tag with a hole punch over one of the holes and insert a green pipe cleaner from the bottom up through the hole punch and down again through the other. Wrap the pipe cleaner around itself under the petals. 

Be sure to thank a veteran today. 


  1. Now a veteran myself, I actually remember selling these as a young girl to raise funds for the local VFW.
    Thanks for posting and honoring vets~

    1. Thank you for your service!