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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Room Mom Journal - Fall Party

Well, tomorrow is the fall party for both of my children's classes. I'm the chairperson/room mom for both, which is something I am very excited about! I mentioned in an earlier post that for my Kindergartener's class, the theme is The Five Little Pumpkins.

We'll have the children dress in their costumes at the beginning of the party, then go around the other K's rooms for a parade. When they return, they will do an activity that I have planned along with have a few snacks. We have a few allergies this year; gluten and dairy, so the snacks will be 100% juice along with 100% juice bars and Jello jigglers. Not very exciting, but just having a different day at school will be fun for the kids. Then, our last activity planned is a Five Little Pumpkins skit that five other volunteers will help me act out for the class.

I already showed the pumpkin puppets I made for the skit, but I wanted to show you the activity I have planned. It is a Five Little Pumpkins mini book. I'm assembling it ahead of time, due to our time constraints, and will have the children color during the party.

Here's the link where I found the mini book template-- This is a great website for teachers and anyone wanting ideas for child school activities. The templates come in color and B&W.

Enjoy your fall parties!! What are you school fall parties like?

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