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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Movie and Family Fun Night baskets

Our school is having a carnival in November and during the carnival will be an auction to help raise money for teachers so they don't have to come up with so much out-of-pocket to buy classroom supplies. My son's class is putting together a movie night themed basket and my daughter's class is putting together a family fun night basket.

My contributions will be popcorn buckets from Dollar Tree, popcorn and movie candy. I've also made movie night and family fun night dry erase boards and lunch box reminder notes. Hey, if you like the posters, just let me know and I may send you a free printable just for asking!

Check these out! I purchased 8x10 frames at Hobby Lobby for half price ($3.50 each). I designed and printed the 'poster' to put in them. Using a dry erase marker, the information can be updated. I attached a dry erase marker to the side with stick-on velcro. The dry erase marker just wipes right off the glass! I think it looks really cool, but that's just me! I hope you'll agree, though. And also importantly, I hope the auction-goers agree as well! Sorry my pics are a little dark -- I'm working on that!

                                                                     Family Fun Night

showing velcro holding dry erase marker

lunch box reminder notes for putting in the child's lunch to remind them that it's the night for the movie night! I think these will work best for K through 3rd or 4th graders. I know my kids get excited for movie night and seeing a reminder of it in their lunch would be special.

Movie night 

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