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Friday, October 28, 2011

Room Mom Journal - Getting ready for Fall Party

Yesterday was the day for my first Fall parties that I was responsible for coordinating as a room mom! I was in charge of making sure both of my children's Fall parties had everything they needed; first grade and Kindergarten classrooms. I called parents a couple weeks ahead of time to coordinate snacks, plates, napkins, etc. Then, earlier this week, I sent home reminder notes telling each volunteer what they were signed up to bring.

Thank goodness for the other parents volunteering! I think the parties were a success! I had to run back and forth between the rooms so I could see both of my children and the other volunteers and teachers pretty much took care of everything. It is so much fun to see the kids wearing their costumes. I did the background work and the volunteers took it from there -- it was awesome! The kids in their costumes...I just loved it!

The parties were fun! Here's a little of what went into them (well, one of them) to make it happen. A volunteer was in charge of taking an activity to my son's class, so I didn't need to worry about that. I was in charge of the activity for my daughter's class. I chose to do a mini Five Little Pumpkins book (I shared an earlier post about it). Here's what I did:

 Here is one of my trimmers. I used it to trim the Five Little Pumpkin books that I assembled and handed out to the Kindergarteners. See all the pieces that were trimmed off (they're waiting to be recycled). 

Here are the books after I assembled them. They were time consuming because of the printing, copying, trimming and stapling, but I think they turned out great.

The books were handed out while the kids put on their costumes. 

Here's my daughter's. 

They worked on coloring them while they had their snacks and while a few volunteers and I did our skit (we basically just read the Five Little Pumpkins story to them). I enjoyed it -- hope everyone else did, too!

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