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Monday, October 24, 2011

Photo wall gallery

Thanks to digital cameras, I have so many pictures that I'd like to display. But I wasn't sure how to display them without looking too busy? So, I went to my advisor, the Internet, and searched for wall gallery. I saw a lot of great ideas.

My husband and I painted our living room and our wall behind our sofa looked too blank. We did have shelves there before, but I wanted something new -- a photo gallery.

After some research, I decided what to do. Thanks to some tips I saw, I traced the size of my frames onto paper and laid out the frames on the floor in an order I thought would work. Then, with painter's tape, I hung the paper on the wall. I also took a picture of the frames that I laid out on the floor so I would remember what went where.

With some measuring, eye-balling and a level, I finished this wall photo project in about an hour. Is that good? Not sure, but I'm glad it's finished and I'm very happy with it! 

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